Life is so rich. We live in an abundant, continually expanding universe. Look around and observe many colors, shades and hues of God’s creation. Planet Earth is full of natural wonders. Nature gives us so much beauty, joy and colors. People come in so many different packages and personalities. Life is anything but boring. Make sure that you allow yourself to enjoy all of life’s colors and distinctions.

"Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Color plays an important role in branding; the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand (in other words, does the color "fit" what is being sold). We are one of the pioneers in offset printing that’s why we always select color very carefully when we print tags and labels for our clients. We are printing tags for local and international brands such as Celio, Takko, Teddy, Top Secret, New Yorker, Tally Weijl, (Local Brands) Kapray, Gul Ahmed, Ideas, Zellbury, Cambridge, Khaadi. Our monthly production of tags is approximately 7 million.

When you present your custom clothing to the public without woven labels (or any other kind of fabric label), it’s like shaking hands with someone you just met without giving them your name. You have gone through the time, effort, and expense to create a custom line of clothing.

It has taken creativity and tenacity to get to market, but if you put your line out there without any labels for clothing, your hard work appears unfinished. We can help you out in this regard by producing the high quality woven labels for you with your brand name. We are having 100 % functional German made Muller woven label machines. Our monthly production of woven label is 0.5 million (depend upon size of label.)

Your style and clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and the most important, personality and confidence. We all try to make a better choice when we select our outfit to wear. We all wash our clothes in a washing machine but if you don’t wash them as per care label instructions, your expensive and pretty dress can be ruined but what if you don’t find the washing instructions or you find them faded on care labels?????........ Here is the fastest solution, The Flexographic Label Printing Machine.

In the hot summer, a lot of handsome boys and pretty girls like to wear a T-shirts. On the t-shirts it has beautiful two dimension pattern as it feel comfortable, new and stylish, easily to attract other people’s attention and it was all due to Heat Transfer Labels. Heat transfer labels is very popular now, convenient operation makes it easy to get started. We produce foil printed heat transfer stickers, canvas tapes and ribbons. Our monthly production of heat transfer sticker is around 1 million.

Brands, always matter in our lives. Brand conscious people seem more remarkable because it makes their personality different from other people. It tells other people about your taste and status. Whatever you wear it becomes a part of your personality and it makes you feel comfortable and complete in yourself. Human Beings like to be noticed and admired but if any customer wear jeans trouser of one of the leading brand that has no name of the brand on the leather patch, it makes the customer and customer loving brand incomplete in itself and it will be totally unfair if it is not notice by other people but we can make your customer more manifest by embossing his fond brand name on leather patches. We don’t only engrave the leather patches but we engrave the guarantee of your customer satisfaction. Our monthly production of leather patches and PU patches is 0.5 million (depend upon size and material).

Our screen printing department prints all kind of designs on fabrics, Canvas Tapes and papers. We have 60 feet long screen printing table. We produce 0.5 million pieces per month.

Labelling requirements may demand speedy turnarounds and variable data changes for prices, sizes and colours.